This Week’s Funniest Tweets

Is it just us, or has it been 154,832 days since the 4th of July?

This week has DRAGGED honey, but the weekend is nigh and that means it’s time for some tweets!
















Abuela’s Inauguration Would Be So Good

By now pretty much everyone agrees that tomorrow’s inauguration is gonna be a joke. But not the funny kind. What IS funny is the amazing comedian Jenny Lorenzo’s Abuela impression. This grandma has a sound plan for America, a strong commitment to domestic security and affordable healthcare, and she’s a dead shot with a chancleta. One thing’s for sure, her inauguration would be a serious party. Props to We Are Mitú for showing us a president we can believe in.

Michelle Wolf Plays “Lady Or Tiny Man” On “Late Night With Seth Meyers”

Michelle Wolf’s stand up set on Late Night With Seth Meyers was obviously going to be amazing since she covered topics such as Hillary Clinton, Amelia Earhart, and Bill Clinton giving White House tours (if these drapes could talk….). We’d also like to play many a round of “Lady Or Tiny Man” because it’s brilliant.