Why Is Meditating So F’in Hard?

Mmm, nothing like the feeling of settling down into a lotus pose and relaxing your body and mind and then remembering every dumb embarrassing thing you’ve ever done. Because who are we kidding, that’s what meditating actually is. This little ditty from Alyssa Simmons perfectly captures the mindfulness struggle.

Our Woman Crush Wednesday Is Rashida Jones

All hail Rashida. There’s literally nothing she can’t do, from playing America’s bff Ann Perkins to writing the screenplay for Toy Story 4 to writing the comic book Frenemy of the State to singing like a perfect angel. It’s honestly ridiculous how talented she is. So we made her our Woman Crush Wednesday as a small token of our esteem.

Quiz: Which Woman Laughing With Salad Are You?

They’re not just stock photos of women laughing alone while eating salad. They’re the key to your entire personality. Will you be super healthy hiking salad woman? Or weirdly sexual fruit salad woman? Or something even… crisper? Only the quiz knows.


Complex Female Character? Or Just a Total Jerk?

Uh oh, Joanna Bradley done did it again. One of our favorite writers made another classic trailer for yet another poorly-written and super cliche female character. We’re talkin’ bout the Sarcastic Nightmare Downer Girl! Because why write women with a personality when you can just make them mean assholes who love old pizza?!