It’s New Years Resolution Season, Baby

This is your year. You’re ready to pump it up, get swole, lean up, and enter beast mode. But before you start crushing it at the gym, our faves Pretty on Pitch have a message for you. A Demi Lovato-themed message.

If “Dance Moms” Starred Dogs Instead Of Kids

Comedian Hollie Lee has truly given us a gift with her Dance Moms parody. What if dogs were in the show instead of little girls? Turns out – it wouldn’t be much different! Those poor kids – er, we mean dogs  – whatever. We feel sorry for everyone who gets yelled at by those terrifying dance moms!

In Honor Of #TBT, Here’s Jackie Koppell Singing About How Depressing 2015 Was

It’s always therapeutic to take some time and reflect on years past…unless that year is 2015 of course. Funny lady Jackie Koppell sings this amazing parody version of Adele’s “Hello” and it’s all about what a depressing year 2015 was. So many horrible stories, so little time! Also, can we talk about Jackie’s pipes? We’d legit buy this song as a single.