Amy Schumer’s OB-GYN Seems A Little Off

The newest season of Inside Amy Schumer is absolutely killing it. In this recent sketch, Amy takes a trip to the ob-gyn and discovers an all male Women’s Health Committee who have some ridiculously old school ideas. Shout out to the dude who calls a woman’s period a “lady curse.” Woof. 

#TBT: Anything Can Happen At Coachella

In honor of Coachella this weekend, we’re throwing it back to this hilarious sketch by the ladies of The Trashy Class, Elena Crevello and Heidi Niedermeyer.

We all know those Coachella attendees that are in it for the mere thrill of running into a celebrity, wearing a flower headband, and capturing the perfect Instagram pic. Also, “Urban Warrior Princess” could easily be the name of a band in the lineup.