Online Dating Takes A Village

This last season of Portlandia may be the best one yet. The jokes are as good as ever, plus they have insane cameos from some of our favorite people. Like Rachel Bloom, in this sketch about how online dating is a high tech hellscape from which we can not escape. Not even with Trevor.

We’re All Out Here Looking For A Dog Dad

Sometimes dating feels like a real chore. It’s like, how are we supposed to hold down a job, make time for friends, AND find a father figure for our fur children?! That’s why we really strongly identify with Cheri Bernstein, the hero profiled in this video from sister/sister duo Kirsten and Caitlyn Knisely. Also, raise your hand if you wish was real.

Let Stinger Take The ??? Out Of Online Dating

Hoo boy, online dating. The thing is, you never really know who you’re meeting at the local TGI Friday’s. They could be a great person with a cute dog, or a horrifying garbage monster. If only this sketch from the geniuses of Margarita Wilson were real, and Stinger were an actual app. Cuz something that filtered out the men who’ve been convicted of sexual assault would be REALLY REALLY NICE.