The Only Store That Understands Your Weird Body!

Team, is it just us or has SNL gotten weirder this season? And when we say weirder, we mean better. It’s not just the political sketches – the writing is sharper and more surprising and also even more feminasty than last year. For example, this super strange and dumb funny sketch about commercials aimed at women. We’re all CHONK, ladies. We’re all… CHONK.

Pregmojis – If Pregnancy Tests Aren’t Scary Enough

Pregnancy tests suck. Because they’re stressful to take for one, but also because they’re so badly designed. Does one stripe mean baby? What about one and a half? What about a cool sunglasses emoji?

Wait guh? This sketch from the Happy Wife crew takes those ridiculous lil wands to their logical conclusion – nonsense emojis determining the whole course of your life.

A Strong Booty Is Basically a Superpower

Keke Palmer is good at lots of things, including writing music, making us laugh, and hoofing it in that live Grease show. But she has a talent most of the world didn’t know about – her butt is bionic.

Kween Keke went on Conan and it quickly turned into a twerk-off. It’s one of the most joyously goofy things we’ve seen on late night tv in forever, and we’re also really glad that twerking is getting it’s due as an insanely difficult dance style. Please someone make this into an empowering gif thanks.

Ask A Girl: Blood Sisters

Instead of being like ‘ew periods are gross’, everyone should see them for what they really are. Namely: PROOF OF OUR WITCHY POWERS. They sync up with the moon, they sync up with our nearest and dearest, and they literally have the power to create life. That’s tight as hell.

In this episode of Ask A Girl, Elizabeth Banks – head of our coven of comedy witches – sets a man straight about women cycling together. Do we get scared? Nah Matt. We get HYPE.