The Nerdiest Carol of All

This Christmas carol from the precious adorable nerd singer/songwriters The DoubleClicks is so dang catchy, we’d go door to door singing it for sure. The geekly sisters sing about how far they’d go to be with their loved one during the holidays, and if you catch all the references than honestly you’re a better nerd than we are.

Geek Out On Our Nerd Girl Video Playlist

Holler at our nerdy ladies who love to laugh. Whether you’re a Whovian, Trekkie, Dungeon Master, or you don’t even remember your Pottermore password because you’ve literally never logged out, you’re invited to the party.

So pour yourself a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster (very carefully) and kick back with our playlist of our favorite geeky videos made by women.


WhoHaha’s Favorite Music Videos

The women who made these music videos are all friggin geniuses. Imagine being this funny, AND being a good singer. We can’t even remember the words to Taylor Swift songs in the shower.

Just for you, we made a little playlist of the amazing music videos that we’ve featured on WhoHaha. Sit back, relax, sing along. We got you, boo.