Molly Hawkey Is Our Hero And We Hope She Wins The Bachelor

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Molly From The Bachelor

Spoiler alert: she can’t because she’s not a real contestant, BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE SHE IS THE BEST.

Let’s follow her journey:

First, who is she? Molly Hawkey is a comedian and actress in LA and she’s trolling everyone. It’s genius and a work of art, if we’re being quite honest.

If you pay attention, you can spot her in her first on-screen appearance for a “promo” from ABC:

Did you see her?

There she is, being twirled around by Bachelor Ben. OR SO WE THINK….

As part of meeting the contestants, Molly obviously had to be included, as a self-proclaimed “Retired Actress.”

We’re dead. Like, officially. But it just keeps getting better, because Molly is a damn genius. She’s bringing pranking to a whole other level, and confusing most of the internet, but specifically her friends and family.

In promoting herself as a contestant, she even set up her own Facebook page for “Molly from the Bachelor.”

Elizabeth Banks' Whohaha-Molly From The Bachelor

With over 2,000 likes and tons of comments, Molly has a fans in her corner, rooting for her each week.

And how could you not root for her? From the moment her and Ben laid eyes on each other, their chemistry was palpable.

SLAY, MOLLY. SLAY. Her behind-the-scenes footage is candid and relatable.

And she’s just keeping it real and honest.

Unfortunately, Molly gets left behind.

A lot.

        But she NEVER gives up hope.

Which is why Molly is the contestant we will always be rooting for, despite not actually being on the show.

Keep up with Molly’s journey here.