How To Answer The Rude Holiday Questions

Doesn’t matter how well your career is going, or how happy your relationship is, or how many babies you squeezed out ya body. When you see family for whatever holiday you celebrate, someone is going to ask an inappropriate question that smacks you right in the feelings. Luckily, Megan Mackay is here to give you some pre-written responses for each rude-ass remark that your old-ass aunt is sure to make. Your holidays are about to get 10x funnier.

Funny Lady Of The Week: Megan MacKay

We’re Megan MacKay stans. And we’re not ashamed to admit it. Megan is one of the funniest people on Youtube, she’s a crazy talented writer, and her Twitter kills us every time we look at it. She’s also one of the savviest political commentators around (she even kept us laughing through this whole grueling election). So all this week, we’ll be celebrating our favorite Canadian comedian with videos, tweets, and a Facebook live. More Megan, more happiness.

If Anxiety Could Talk (It Would Be Awful)

Anxiety has to be the most annoying mental illness. It just sits there, taunting you, turning your comfy bed into a medieval torture box (or whatever they used, torture coffin, whatever). Basically if anxiety were a person, anxiety would be the most obnoxious rude shmuck ever to live. But when that shmuck is played by Megan Mackay, we can’t help kinda loving it.

Ask A Badass: The Outtakes

Here at WhoHaha, we try to be serious professionals. But look, nobody’s perfect, ok? And sometimes when we get the funniest women on the planet into a room together (like in our Ask A Badass series), giggling is gonna happen.

Lucky for you, we kept the cameras rolling while these comedy geniuses cracked each other up.

Really Important Questions With Megan Mackay: Who’s On Your Volleyball Team

How many millions of viewers do you think Celebrity Beach Volleyball would have as a show? All the millions? Megan Mackay is back in this edition of Really Important Questions, and we asked a hard hitting (heheheh) question about who would be her volleyball teammate and who they would face. ‘I wanna win’ – preach, girl.