Ceda Xiong Is Our Funny Lady Of The Week!

Ceda Xiong is so funny it hurts. Her standup has taken her all over the dang country, and she’s performed at festivals and colleges and bars and everything in between. Partly we love her because she’s a fearless badass, and partly we love her because she can make anything hilarious, from immigration to her family to mattress fires. We’re so stoked that she’s our creator of the week, stay tuned for more from Ceda on our Twitter and Facebook! The more Ceda the betta, honestly.

Weekly Roundup Of The Very Funniest Tweets

Everyone doing ok? Everybody hanging in there and drinking water and taking care of each other?



We’re gonna make it through, everybody. And if you need a second to giggle, give these tweets a little look see. We love you, ok?
















The Best Tweets Of The Week Are Here!


There were moments of this week that it felt like we’d never make it. But here we are, on Friday afternoon, almost to party o’clock. We all deserve a treat, is what we’re tryna say here. And what better treat than the very best tweets from funny women!

















These Vines Make Us LOL Quite A Bit

If you need a pick-me-up, enjoy this compilation of ridiculous/silly/hilarious vine videos from some truly badass women.

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