The Funniest Tweets Of The Whole Damn Week

Thank! Goop! It’s! Fridaaaayyyyy!




Begone, sinner! Say 10 Hail JoJo’s and 10 Our Chad’s.


If you’re not following We Rate Lizards, like, what is your deal even?


We’ve come a long way, baby! (from our shitty parking spots)


Oh thaaats how you get people to vote!


The things we’ve done to impress a doctor, hoo boy.

I mean how else will he know what a good boy he is while we’re gone???


With pure, unbridled lust.


‘I mean we’re still getting cake, soooooo’


Oops we found the best Arthur meme.


Y’all just got ROASTED!


Unsure if satire, or an actual overheard conversation.


Too soon! (but also too funny ?)


Happy 4 U both.


This kid is… wait for it… EXTREME!

At this point, every woman who writes publicly on the internet needs a safe room and secure server.