Why Is Choosing A Movie So Hard?!

It’s been a long day. You’re finally ready to relax. You plop down on the couch with your bff, s/o, or qtb (we made that one up) to try to choose a movie. And somehow 3 hours later you’re STILL PICKING A FILM. It’s the hardest decision ever in the whole world, and as usual Superwoman totally nailed it.

Geography For Racists

How to describe how much we love Lilly Singh? She’s the funniest, the badassiest, and now it turns out that she’s a top notch educator too. In this epic burn filled four minutes, Superwoman utterly destroys dumb internet racists with a simple lesson in geography.

When Men Tell You To Make Them A Sandwich ?

No hurricane can match the savage power of Lilly Singh DESTROYING a troll. This video is as satisfying as that video where a million matches get lit all at once. It’s a tutorial for all the sexist moron assholes out there who seem to be incapable of making their own damn sandwich. We’ll have what Superwoman is having, honestly.