SNL Just Hired Some Dope New Women

Season 43, baybee! We’re so excited for all the hot takes and spicy jokes that this year of Saturday Night Live has in store. And we can’t wait to meet the new cast and writers, which includes three rad ladies:  Heidi Gardner, Sam Jay, and Claire Friedman. So we put together a little introduction to the freshman class, so that you can go back to comedy school informed. Enjoy!


Heidi Gardner

She’s one of the stars of the animated show Super Mansion, and she’s already a veteran performer at The Groundlings. Basically she can do it all, including playing an over-it hotel clerk in this short:


Sam Jay

As a writer, Sam seems like she’s going to bring a whole new vibe to the old-as-hell show. Sam comes from the stand-up world and legit she is a genius at constructing jokes. You’re gonna love her set on Kimmel, in which she addresses white people on public transportation, Applebees, crying while black, cruises, and female ghostbusters.


Claire Friedman

The COO and executive in charge of the Lip Sync Franchise is a certified badass. She wrote for the Harvard Lampoon, worked with FX in the original programming department, and went from investment banker to comedy genius. Get the full Claire experience from her interview with The Broadcast!

All Hail The Goddesses Of Creation

This sketch was cut for time from SNL a couple weeks ago, but we just can’t seem to cut it from our hearts. Don’t act like you don’t want to hang out with Kate, Vanessa, and Kristen and just like goddess around. Plus also Kristen is every one of us in a meeting, having a dope idea and talking it down. Let your flamingos fly, ladies!!!

We Love Molly Shannon

It’s Molly Shannon’s birthday! Sound the alarm, cuz we’re bout to party like spastic teenagers in honor of one of the funniest ladies in the world.

She’s an amazing physical comedian, she delivers punchlines like no other, and also she’s got a new indie movie out that proves that she can ACT honey. So celebrate Molly with a few high kicks, then go see Other People, then tweet her and tell her you love her. That’s what we’ll be doing!