Women! For When You “Can’t Afford” To Pay A Man

Gosh, paying employees more than the federal minimum wage sure does sting! Having to pay workers a living wage is driving some poor defenseless employers to outsource their labor to countries where folks don’t have the luxuries of ‘unions’ and ‘fairness’ like American citizens do. But what if there were a labor solution a little closer to home??

We’re so in love with this HuffPo presentation. Kristen Bell, you better WERK.

Who The Hell Let Us Onto The Red Carpet Of “The Boss”?

Melissa McCarthy’s The Boss hits theaters this Friday, and we were able to attend the red carpet premiere last week. Not only did we get to ask actors which Girl Scout cookie they’d want to fuck (????), but we had a moment with Dax Shephard that we will truly cherish for the rest of our lives. We also made Melissa McCarthy laugh, so it’s safe to say the night was a glorious success.

Melissa McCarthy & Kristen Bell Are The Talk Show Hosts We’ve Wanted Our Entire Lives

Have you ever wanted to see Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell host their own talk show? TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY, MY FRIEND. In a new promo for The Boss via Comedy Central, the gals chat about how sexy of a man Peter Dinklage is. We don’t hate it and we definitely don’t disagree.

Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy Got in a Boob Fight

Obscenely charming human Kristen Bell recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to chat about her upcoming film, The Boss, which she co-stars in with Melissa McCarthy. Yes, that’s right – Kristen Bell and Melissa McCarthy in the same movie. We understand if you need a few minutes to recover from the excitement of that statement.

All good? Cool.

According to Bell, she and McCarthy got very intimate on set and engaged in what one would deem a “boob fight.” Or as Kristen says:

Dead. Only Kristen bell can make saying the word “tits” sound like a line in a fairytale.