Issa Rae Is Killing It Right Now

And tbh, no one deserves success more. Issa has been killing the game ever since her series Awkward Black Girl first hit Youtube. Now she’s the producer/fearless leader/inspiration behind a whole empire of cool comedy and content from creators of color, plus she as her own HBO show. She’s a damn inspiration, so we put together some of the greatest Issa moments to celebrate this comedy badass.

Issa Rae, Queen Of Slay

Another super hilarious brilliant comedian is getting her very own show. What is this, heaven???

We’ve been on the Issa Rae train for a while now – her webseries Awkward Black Girl has won tons of awards and has most definitely won our heart. It looks like HBO realized her genius too, because her new series Insecure is gonna absolutely amazing. Watch the trailer, bask in the funny, relate so hard it hurts.