It’s Swell To Be A Woman In 2016!

The shade this song is throwing is so powerful, we’ll never need sunblock again. This Bye Bye Birdie inspired music video is about how neat it is to lose all the rights we’ve been fighting for since 1920. Gee whiz, can’t wait to pop out lots of babies to nourish the patriarchy!!!!!1!!

But srsly, we’re so so so impressed with this hilarious number from singer/actor Missy Modell, writer Siobhan Thompson, and director Nic Stanich. And even better, they created it to raise funds for Planned Parenthood. So watch and donate and then go have some protected extramarital sex to piss off Mike Pence!

The Ladies Of Late Night You Need To Know

Late night talk shows have been a boys club since, well, forever. Pretty much everyone who interviews celebs on tv is a white dude named James. But there are some amazing women trying to change that, and we wanted to shine a spotlight on these trailblazers who are hosting late-night style shows. Most of them are young up-and-comers, but they’re already wisecracking and slaying at a mid-career level. Can’t wait to see ’em all hosting their own network shows!


Gilli Nissim

Writer and comedian Gilli Nissim hosts the wildly popular, sometimes surreal, always thrilling talk show We’re Gross at the UCB Theatre in Los Angeles. We’re Gross calls itself ‘an interactive, feel-good celebration of all that is pathetic’, and it’s chock full of cathartic weirdness. It’s pretty impossible to describe, but if you get a chance to see it live definitely jump to it. The guests are amazing and the action is irresistible. We’re all a little gross, right? It’s up the third Thursday of every month at 9:30.

Mo Welch

Mo Welch hosts The Mo Show out of UCB too, but it’s a whole different beast from We’re Gross. Mo brings in some of Los Angeles’ best and brightest to do standup, improv, sketch, character bits, music, and whatever they feel like performing. In between, the show features animation and comedy from Mo herself, and her dark and subtle sense of humor isn’t like anything else you’ll see in LA. Plus the show has a pedigree – it’s been going strong since 2009. Catch it Saturdays at 10:30 once a month.


Emily Candini

Late Nightmare is the newest show on our list, but Emily Candini’s all-woman writing staff might as well be seasoned pros. The show is at The Pack Theatre, a comedy school and theater known for it’s off-beat whackadoo sense of humor, and the show is definitely off the wall in the best possible way. There’s no video for Late Nightmare yet since it’s still a baby, so it looks like you’ll just have to go and experience it for yourself!


And of course we have to end this article with a shoutout to the original bad bitch of late night, Sam Bee. Thank you Queen Bee for leading the way and showing us the light. Here’s to 12 more years of Full Frontal! And if you’re not in a city where you can catch one of these cool independent late night show, keep your ear to the ground for cool female comedians who host their own shows! Any day you’re supporting funny women is a good damn day.



Weekly Roundup Of The World’s Funniest Tweets



Our hearts are with people working on Monday. Let these funny tweets ease the pain of a regular weekend, and/or bring joy to your vacay.


Thank you so so much for writing our new Tinder bio.


What did they even talk about, sports? Snorkeling???


People with two moms turn out better, and that’s a fact.


Look it was a good concept, but sometimes you need to give up on a dream.


Brian’s Mom seems cool.


Hahahhahah oh wait this one is just true.


Important point!


You dinguses invented the ‘friend zone’, about time you learn to actually be a friend.


Better than friggin Thor 4 or whatever.


Srsly did we all just find the internet’s only good old white man?


Him: ‘And now for this 15 point slide illustrated by a stock photo of a dog’

Us: *chugging poison*




Denial. Anger. Bargaining. Shelby.


That’s just a smart use of time tho.


Please please someone in Hollywood make this movie, we are begging over here.


At least after you die no one will pressure you to go to grad school.


This bird is our intern now.


That’s that pre-regret face right there.


See, this is the kind of humor we can get behind.


There are entire religions based on worse advice. Good job Suzan.