When All Your Exes Know You’re Happy

Ok wtf is this ex radar that lets everyone you’ve ever dated know when you’re finally happy with a new person??? It never fails and it’s spooky as hell. The glorious babes of Honest Monster wrote a cutesy little silent film about when your sexy exies suddenly want you back

Also: that twist ending though. Damn.

Funny Ladies of the Week: Honest Monster

We could not be more juiced about this week’s official funny ladies. Vana Dabney and Deirdre Devlin (who btw totally have superhero names) are the writers and actors behind this hilarious sketch group, and they have us peeing our pants with every single video. They cover everything from the easiest way for women to get equal pay to how incredible it feels to talk shit, and they’re always dead-on. Now hurry up and watch all their sketches, then keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook for more Honest Monster all week!



Well That’s One Way To Get Equal Pay

This sketch is short, sweet, and absolutely savage. In a world where women STILL get 77 cents on the dollar, maybe Honest Monster is right about what we really need to get equal respect and equal pay.

Brb gotta hit up a sex shop and then our boss’ office.

How To Talk To A Woman Who’s Wearing Headphones

Good news, ladies! WE SAID GOOD NEWS LADIES! Now there’s a way to get those pesky headphones out so you can hear every single catcall and come-on, no matter where you are!

Honest Monster did it again, with this crazy hilarious, super topical sketch about how to get hit on even more often. Lucky us!

Be A (Gym) Hero

Isn’t it so nice to wake up early, make a healthy protein smoothie, and hit the gym for the 6am Barre class? HAHAHHAHAHHAHHA – just kidding! We’re not those people… or are we?

WhoHaha has teamed up with hilarious sketch duo Honest Monster, the talented production company Quiet Duke, and the fly experts from American Heart Association to support its new Healthy for Good movement. They’re all about helping us live longer, healthier, and happier lives by taking one simple step at a time, and we’re very into their advice to inspire us to get more active. Exercise is important, so find what type of activity suits you best so you don’t turn into a squishy bean bag person.

In the first of our 3-part video series, our buddies Dee and Vana are tackling the healthy habit of getting at least 150 minutes of exercise a week. Catch the other videos in this series in the More to Love section to the right, and don’t forget to join the movement and learn more at Heart.org/HealthyforGood.