Abbi And Ilana Love Slutoween

In this Halloween-y short, the best buds of Broad City take best friendship to a whole new level when they show each other their Halloween costumes. Also, they discuss their love of skanking it up all year long, regardless of the date on the calendar. Honestly it’s inspiring.

Janice Gunter, Ghost Hunter

Welcome to your new favorite web series. Janice Gunter is a ghost-hunting, sweater-vest-wearing, Ma-loving weirdo whose greatest dream is to be a paranormal investigator. Shit is almost too relatable. Plus, it also features some of our favorite New York comedians, like creator Elizabeth McDonough, and Aparna Nancherla, Catherine Curtain, Sunita Mani, Larisa Oleynik, Constance Shulman, and way way more. We are eagerly anticipating the official premiere of season one, but meanwhile you can watch some of our favorite Janice moments on her YouTube page right here.

Even Vampires Don’t Want Pity Invites

Halloween party season is here! Everyone’s gonna be dressing up and getting drunk and nibbling tapas or whatever. But if you’re an anxious person like we are, this season will have you wondering ‘do they really want me here, or is this a pity invite?’ And it turns out even spooky demons of the night feel the exact same way.

The Rita Repulsa Makeup Hack For Broke Bitches

Halloween is expensive, y’all. From the Lyft rides to the overpriced drinks to the 4am fries, this holiday sucks the money out of your wallet like a vampire for dead presidents. But luckily, we have our Buffy. Alex Lynn Ward has your makeup hack on lock, with this Rita Repulsa tutorial for broke chicks. It looks just like the professional version! Kind of.

Single on Halloween? Hex Your Ex!

If we have to see another damn couples costume, we’re gonna puke up all our peanut butter pumpkins. Halloween is about more than happy couples getting tipsy together, guys!

If you’re like us and are flying solo on Halloween, you need to see this ode to getting back at your ex from the ladies of Sister Wives. Get that polter-guy outta your life, witches!

The Greatest Tweets Of The Whole Week

Or should we say the spookiest tweets of the whole creeeeaaaak????

No, no one should say that because it’s a very bad joke. But cut us some slack, we’re excited that Halloween is almost here!! While we wait on pins and needles (ouch!) let’s all share these magnificent tweets.

Not sure how men think we survive the world?


Raise a glass to our fallen comrades. May your bi-curious phase come quickly.


Can we get this picture as a tattoo?


No one high five her for this.


Cannot WAIT to see this Marvel adaptation on Netflix.


May Dolly bless and keep you in this, the holiday season.


‘Scuse you, maybe we don’t want to slide into your business!




Honestly kids are shockingly tough these days, shoutout to all the brave babies.




Plz travel channel give Megan Koester a show.


America’s two favorite pastimes in one!









The ghost of Vine is gonna be the best costume of this Halloween season, mark our words.