2016 Was A Horror Show. No, Literally.

Freddy Krueger. Michael Myers. Jason Voorhees. All horror movie villains with a lower body count than the nightmare that was 2016. We lost pretty much every good celeb, plus a gorilla, and also maybe all our rights as women in America. So naturally, the buds over at Friend Dog Studios created a trailer for what 2016 might look like as a horror movie. And best of all, it stars our fave Anna Gillcrist.

It’s Time To Break Up With New Years Eve

Be honest. If some dude or lady you were dating made you drive through traffic, pay a shitload of money, get all dressed up, and drink gross alcohol all in hopes of MAYBE getting a closed-mouth kiss, you would kick that scrub to the curb. That’s not the way you deserve to be treated, y’all. Thank goodness Mel Owens and Teresa Lee are finally showing us all that New Years Eve is in fact pure hot garbage. If you need us on NYE, we’ll be on the couch in a slanket eating nutella out the jar.