Toni Lahren Is Not A Victim, OK?!?!?!?

Ok this Tomi Lahren parody is STRAIGHT FIRE. Tomi – oh sorry, we mean Toni – goes AWF on feminism, terrorism, latte-ism, rainbow prisms, and pretty much every other liberal -ism in the book. Toni is NOT a victim, y’all! Mostly because she’s being paid to say she’s not, and would a victim get paid for that? NO!

This genius sketch is from the brilliant brain of comedian and writer Maggie Mae Fish and an all female and trans comedian writer’s room. Can’t wait to see more from ‘Toni’.

‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Is Gonna Be Bloody And Fun

You tryna zombie and chill? We most definitely are, and Drew Barrymore’s new show looks like the suburban sitcom of our dreams. Drew plays a realtor/mom who wakes up dead one day, and while we’d pretty much watch Drew do anything the writing on this honestly seems fire. The trailer just dropped, and we can’t wait for the whole show to be out.

The Halloween Drinking Game That Ends Relationships

It’s a spooky time of year, y’all! Halloween brings out the ghosts, ghouls, and other things that start with g. But there’s nothing spooky-ookier than the prospect of making a lifelong commitment to someone you don’t respect.

Writer Jill Cepela has a created a monstrously funny sketch about how easily drinking games can ruin relationships. It’s too funny, and way too real.