TBT: Leslie Jones’ Stand-Up Special Is Wild

How rad is it that SNL finally figured out what to do with Leslie Jones??? She has been absolutely murdering it this season, but that’s no surprise to anybody who followed her stand-up career. Case in point: Problem Child, her stand-up special from 2010. Big Les goes FULL OUT with her takes on girl squads, good dick, being super tall, and way way more. So please enjoy this throwback clip, in which she describes your 4 best friends and you with deadly accuracy.

Alternative Fact: Kellyanne Is The World’s Greatest Feminist

You ready for some Sam Bee? Of course you are, buddy. In this segment, our sovereign lady of late night takes on Kellyanne Conway’s peculiar brand of ‘feminism’. Also? ‘Omnipresent spokes-cobra’ is one of the greatest turns of phrase ever to grace the English language synthroid medication.