2016 Gave Us Some Truly Terrible Presents

Did you get good presents this year?!? Oh, it was mostly jewelry for 13 year olds and dusty lotions? Sorry bb. But trust, no terrible presents can compare to the ones that 2016 gave us. From dead celebs to broken dreams for our democracy, this year was a real grinch with the gifts. The ladies of Ginblo take down this dreadful 12 months in their new sketch, and they’re so funny that they make it all seem a little more bearable somehow. Thanks, Laura and Jamie ?

If Straight Couples Were Treated Like Gay Couples

Straight couples are so cute. With their little Subarus and their little straight weddings. They really bring diversity to a dinner party!

The ladies of Ginblo Productions imagined a world where people talked to straight couples the way they talk to gay couples, and it was highly educational. They don’t need special beverages, people.