A Hilarious Mini-Doc About Lady Freedom Fighters

Bet you never thought you’d see those words together! But this piece from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee combines kickass female Peshmerga members, fearless educators, funny asides, and some truly sick Trump burns, to create one of our favorite documentaries of all time.

Yara Shahidi Is The Coolest

Mark our words, Yara Shahidi is the next big thing. She’s perfect and hilarious on Black-ish, she’s charming as hell in every interview, she’s straight up brilliant politically, and she’s friends with Michelle Obama. Michelle!! We’re so excited to watch this cool teen keep kicking ass in and out of Hollywood.

Brb, Obsessively Researching Our Girl Crushes

Waiting for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to come back is like a million knives in our hearts. K that’s maybe a little too dramatic, but it does bum us out that we have to wait a few weeks for more ridiculously catchy and super relatable song n dance numbers. Sigh see here now. So we’ll just have to watch this ode to girl crush stalking on repeat, and then go back to stalking our exes impossibly perfect exes.