This Week’s Greatest Tweets

This week hit us harder than a Republican body slamming a journalist. Thank gosh it’s over, because we are about to fall headfirst in to this long weekend like –

But first, the tweets! And this week’s jokes from lady tweeters were especially hilarious. Get your funny fix, then go get your Friday night.




















Petey Gibson Is Our Creator Of The Week!

How badass is Petey Gibson?? From creating the hilarious series Meals With Mary to writing rad sketches to performing stand-up and improv all over the globe, there’s pretty much nothing they can’t do. We’re card carrying members of the Petey Posse, and we wanted everyone to share in the magic that is this hilarious comedian. So we created a playlist of a few of their greatest hits, so you get in on the party. Yay Petey!

Why You Should Be Watching “Single Mom w/No Kids”

If you aren’t familiar with comedian Alana Johnston, it is absolutely time to rectify that situation.

She’s a sketch performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, and is currently the star of her web series, “Single Mom w/No Kids.” Each episode is super short, usually lasting no more than 15 seconds, and follows one of Johnston’s bizarre characters – a single mom with no kids.

It’s sad, it’s weird, it’s cringeworthy, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

After you watch the collection of “Single Mom w/No Kids” be sure to check out her other videos, such as “So What-Self Esteem Party”:

And “Making It Work”:


Alana, never stop being you.

Watch The Trailer For “Roomie” – A “Room” Parody That Is Truly Perfect

“Love knows no boundaries…and neither does this roommate.”

Written by comedian Celeste Ballard, this parody of the Oscar nominated Room is perfect. Imagine everything that you loved about the harrowing movie – the relationship between mother and son, the obstacles they face, the incredibly poignant performances – and add in a horrible, annoying, obnoxious roommate. You’ve got Roomie and it’s pretty ridiculous. But like, we’re into it?