Women! For When You “Can’t Afford” To Pay A Man

Gosh, paying employees more than the federal minimum wage sure does sting! Having to pay workers a living wage is driving some poor defenseless employers to outsource their labor to countries where folks don’t have the luxuries of ‘unions’ and ‘fairness’ like American citizens do. But what if there were a labor solution a little closer to home??

We’re so in love with this HuffPo presentation. Kristen Bell, you better WERK.

The Katering Show Is Back And Wasting Money!

We missed The Katering Show so much these past few months. It was like a Kate n’ Kate shaped hole in our little hearts. But now our two fave manic chefs are back in business for season 2, lampooning food trends and making barely edible delicacies! Now with more money to waste on establishing shots!!

That little slap n’ snort is so funny we genuinely almost peed in our office chairs.