Our Weekly Roundup Of The Very Funniest Tweets

It’s the weekend!! Have a lil laugh, why don’t you? Go on, you deserve it.

To keep you giggling all the way to President’s Day (ugh) we rounded up our favorite tweets of the week from hilarious ladies. Enjoy!

















Sometimes critics of feminism make great points. But mostly what meninists on the internet do is go ‘BUT WHY WON’T WOMEN DATE ME ugh feminism is cancer #misandryis4real’. And that’s… not super helpful. The comedy powerhouses of Soresi&Sass (aka Gianmarco Soresi and Megan Sass) bring you this tale of feminism RUN AMOK.

Toni Lahren Is Not A Victim, OK?!?!?!?

Ok this Tomi Lahren parody is STRAIGHT FIRE. Tomi – oh sorry, we mean Toni – goes AWF on feminism, terrorism, latte-ism, rainbow prisms, and pretty much every other liberal -ism in the book. Toni is NOT a victim, y’all! Mostly because she’s being paid to say she’s not, and would a victim get paid for that? NO!

This genius sketch is from the brilliant brain of comedian and writer Maggie Mae Fish and an all female and trans comedian writer’s room. Can’t wait to see more from ‘Toni’.

The Funniest Tweets Of The Week

It’s Fri-yayyyy! And is it just us, or was this the longest short week ever??

To celebrate it finally being over, let’s enjoy some tasty tweets together.


Probly like 6-8 years?


Truly, Cameron is the Shakespeare of our times.


Caring for anything but yourself is fully exhausting, no shade here.


Seeing friends is neat, but it can’t compare to not seeing friends.


Read ’em like a library, girl.


Is this the greatest feminist pop culture joke of all time? Only time will tell.




If you’re not following the saga of Megan Koester and Joel Stein, then you’re missing out on one of the funniest stories ever given us by Mama Internet.


This is us. This is all of us.


Hey, you ever think about how the leisure to disagree with painful truths is a privilege of the powerful?  Anyway, fuck that guy.


People pleasers, unite!


This child is perfection, we’re so lucky to know her.


Presenting a joke is so funny we snort-laughed and then were really embarrassed.


You hear that, BROOKLYN???


This revelation has been painful for all of us, Julieanne.

Samesies: The Cutest Lil Feminist Anthem Ever

Our personal feminism is all about smashing statues of bad old men and drinking meninist tears from crystal goblets while dancing to Kate Bush songs.

But feminism is for everyone! And everyone gets to define it for themselves. This anthem from Robbie The Space Raccoon and friends is all about how anyone who likes women can feminasty it up. Also it’s appropriate for all ages in case you have a 7 year old in your life who needs a summer jam.

#FreeKesha Cocktail Tutorial

Cristen Conger is an absolute queen. Not only do her videos constantly teach us things we’d otherwise maybe not know, but they do it in a very interesting way. Like making a cocktail. Watch as Cristen skewers the absolute heinous court ruling as she makes the #FreeKeshaCocktail.