#TBT: The “Royals” Parody That’s Forever Going To Be Relevant

We’re throwing it back to one of our favorite song parodies – “Typecast” by Tess Paras. Set to the tune of Lorde’s “Royals,” the song is all about women of color being stereotyped in Hollywood, and constantly being cast as the same roles. Sassy friend/thieving housemaid anyone? We believe the term here is, “Over it.”

It’s gross we’re still dealing with this in Hollywood, but we’re thankful for badasses like Tess who make comedy that fights against it.

The Science of Side-Eye

Who knew something as sassy as side-eye could garner a scientific breakdown? Thanks to the smart/hilarious/amazing Cristen Conger, we now feel much more enlightened about our favorite facial expression. This is definitely us for the rest of the day:


If you haven’t met your side-eye quota for the day, here are some of our fave posts from Instagram:



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