Pregmojis – If Pregnancy Tests Aren’t Scary Enough

Pregnancy tests suck. Because they’re stressful to take for one, but also because they’re so badly designed. Does one stripe mean baby? What about one and a half? What about a cool sunglasses emoji?

Wait guh? This sketch from the Happy Wife crew takes those ridiculous lil wands to their logical conclusion – nonsense emojis determining the whole course of your life.

Woman Card Against Humanity (Brought To You By Trump Toys)

It’s the card game every woman didn’t know they were already playing (but according to Donald Trump, they totally are) – Woman Card Against Humanity. It’s the hot new game on the scene where women are presented with a series of scenarios and decide if they want to use their “woman card” to get what they want. Bonus: each game comes with your very own opinionated white guy. Written by Dara Laine, this parody sketch is just what we need today.

Dating In Los Angeles Is The Absolute Worst

You know it’s a good day when the latest episode of HelLA comes out. Rory Uphold depicts the very real horror of dating in Los Angeles, which calls for a collective shudder. *shudder*

Rory also reminds us of a very important fact: no matter how cute someone is, if they live more than a few miles away IT IS NOT WORTH IT. REPEAT: NOT. WORTH. IT.