You Gotta See These #FamousLastTexts

They say the first impression is powerful. But sometimes the last impression is the one that cuts the deepest. Like when your hook-up tells you that they’re ‘still technically married’ and then disappears forever. Which is exactly what happens in this hilarious video from Eva and Mel.

TBT: Aidy Bryant Singing With Her Ex-Husbands

If this was a real band we would follow them on tour like Dead Heads. We would for sure sing along with that last song. This live sketch from way back in Second City history is so so so funny, and we wish that we could have a whole album of Baby Aidy singing country songs.

When All Your Exes Know You’re Happy

Ok wtf is this ex radar that lets everyone you’ve ever dated know when you’re finally happy with a new person??? It never fails and it’s spooky as hell. The glorious babes of Honest Monster wrote a cutesy little silent film about when your sexy exies suddenly want you back

Also: that twist ending though. Damn.