If Your Boobs Were A Movie

Good ol Babs and Lefty (or whatever you call your boobs). They’re there for you when you need them, they let you strap them down when they’re in the way, they make a nice pocket for holding your keys in the club.

But boobs don’t get enough credit day-to-day. Which is why we asked the hilarious Anna Gillcrist to praise her tatas using a movie title. To no one’s surprised, she picked the perfect film.

Goodbye Mel and Sue, We’ll Mousse You ?

Who woulda thunk, 5 years ago, that America would end up obsessed with a show about British pastry nerds making jelly rolls in a tent? The Great British Bake Off is the sweetest thing on Netflix (and we do NOT say that lightly), and Sue and Mel are its warm n gooey heart. They’re part of the great UK tradition of female comedy teams and they gave the show punny manic life. We’re gonna miss them so much, so we’re memorializing them with this mousse chase. Bye, sweet angels!


Remember when you were a kid in November and Christmas was so far away and you were on the verge of losing your shit for like an entire month?? That’s how we feel right now.

The CW just announced that Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 2 is premiering on October 21st. But even though waiting until for the premiere is nearly killing us dead, we’re loving the hell out of this trailer. Looks like it’s more dance numbers and sexy times than ever.

We Love Leslie Jones

We have mad love for Leslie J. The woman’s been on the comedy grind since forever, and it shows. She’s one of the funniest, realest, hardest working people in Hollywood, and she’s slayed the game in everything from SNL to Ghostbusters to adorable interviews.

And since it’s her birthday, we thought we’d put together a few top Leslie moments to celebrate! We got the standup from waaaay back, late night talk show segments, sketches, Olympics coverage and best of all just Leslie being Leslie.

How To Talk To A Woman Who’s Wearing Headphones

Good news, ladies! WE SAID GOOD NEWS LADIES! Now there’s a way to get those pesky headphones out so you can hear every single catcall and come-on, no matter where you are!

Honest Monster did it again, with this crazy hilarious, super topical sketch about how to get hit on even more often. Lucky us!