We’re Here For Emma Stone On SNL

If you were worried Emma wouldn’t kill in on Saturday night, well, you’re a fool. OF COURSE she about killed us dead with laughter, and OF COURSE they made her do a high school theatre sketch. This ep was definitely not afraid to experiment, and yeah not every sketch was perfect this week, but it was definitely dominated by the ladies.

So yeah duh of course we had to start with the candle song. Emma, Aidy and Kate all celebrate the magical candle that everyone has at some point given as a last minute gift. And they do it in high-90’s soft focus fur glamour.


Then of course there’s the theatre show. Every time they do one of these we’re like ‘eh do we need another’ and then every time we’re like ‘HOLY CRAP YES THIS IS AMAZING’. Emma’s little weird genderless pixie cut is truly every theatre teen.


Finally, we need to talk about the well sketch. This one’s for all the sensitive boys, and the moms who get them. But it’s also for anyone who’s ever longed for a well to whisper secrets to, and we’re pretty sure that applies to anyone reading this website. Here’s to you, bbs.


And by the way? This holiday season, don’t forget to give the candle.

Emma Stone Is Hosting SNL, Get Hype

We could NOT be more excited for Ms Stone to host this weekend. She’s one of those actors that’s so good at playing deadpan that she makes everyone around her funnier, PLUS she does such perfect characters. So we put together a couple of our favorite Emma moments from other times she’s hosted, just to get us all prepared for the bounty of joy that’s gonna hit us Saturday night. Let’s get together to remember:


The time she auditioned for Star Wars…


And that time yesterday when she screamed at Shawn Mendes…

Maya. Emma. Tubs of Butter.

We’re so lucky to live in a world with butter. It makes toast bearable, it lubes up ears of corn, it’s the secret ingredient behind croissants (croissants of course being proof that God loves us).

And now because of Maya & Marty, we know that butter tubs are the perfect accompaniment to the gorgeous voices of two of the funniest women ever to live, Maya Rudolph and Emma Stone.

Thank you, butter, for all that you do.