Take It Away, Samantha Bee

A lot of Americans are still reeling from the election. But there are so many good things that no political change can take away. Like happy dogs, and banana splits, and Samantha Bee. We’re lucky to have such a fiery political pundit for a role model, and we’re lucky to have so many wonderful Nasty Women advocating for us all. Some Americans are sad about the election, some might be happy, but regardless we here at WhoHaha are going to keep advocating for women’s rights and showcasing women’s creativity and power. Starting with Queen Bee here.

Woman Crush: Hillary Clinton

This election stung like a million mean wasps nests. Hillary Clinton lost, and it feels real weird. But we’re still with her! Hillary inspired us to feel like a woman could do anything, and she’s been a class act this whole time and right up to the concession speech. So even though she’s not going to be president any time soon, she’s still our hero. Woman Crush Wednesday doesn’t even do it justice.

How About A Little Advice For Your Election Day?

Need a Cutie Break? Oh we should explain, a Cutie Break is when life is stressing you out so you take a couple of minutes to watch something cute. Well we have the world’s funniest Cutie Break courtesy of comedian Noelle Lara! Watch some very adorable children give their political opinions, while also giving us LIFE.

The Last Election Cold Open (Thank Gawd)

Three things have been getting us through this election: Samantha Bee, SNL cold opens, and whiskey with our tea (#thankyoubeyonce). But now we’re down to the wire, which means we’re down to our very last election themed cold open, which means Kate McKinnon’s Hillary impressions are about to be part of way more sketches.  So while we try to keep our blood pressure down over here, enjoy this hilarious recap of the last stressful week of politickin.

This Australian Is Gonna Save Us From Ourselves

Chloe (aka Lucy Green) is on a mission. She’s coming all the way from Australia to try to convince us to not elect Trump as president. Maybe this Ozzie Khaleesi can do what a zillion rational op-eds can’t, and show us that the dude is a dang lunatic. And maybe she can’t! But at least she’ll give us a giggle while she tries.