Play The Street Harassment Video Game!

Video games are fun because you get to live out dangerous scenarios without leaving the comfort of your couch. Dangerous scenarios like war or space travel or just walking home from a bar late at night as a woman. Fun!

We’d definitely play this game from writer Courtney Paige Barnett and actors Jocelyn Hall, Ashleigh Crystal Hairston, Daniel MK Cohen, Jason Kaye, John Norris, and Matt Sweeney. Except that it feels a little too real to be escapism, tbh.

Birth Control Bachelorette Is Not So Sexy

Ever wish you could spend a little time risk-free with every form of birth control, just to see which one is right? Well this dead-on sketch imagines what might happen if the Bachelorette was about choosing prophylactics instead of just dude-bros. And it’s funny as hell.

P.S. The last 20 seconds of this are so hilar and so real we almost fell over, you have to watch til the end.

Maybe Don’t Touch Dulce Sloan Without Permission

Ok so you know Dulcé Sloan is #1, right? If not you’ve been missing something very important in your life. She’s funny as all hell, she seems like the best person to brunch with, and she’s got some very important life tips to share. Her stand-up is our everything.