‘Neurotica’ Is Our Fave Sexy Web Series

Ok let’s start by saying that this web series is as NSFW as they come. Jenny Jaffe created this bonkers hilarious story of a neurotic small-town dominatrix whose business is threatened by the new dungeon that just moved in. It’s charming, it’s funny, it’s chock full of whips. Watch this first episode, watch all the rest, then share it with all your fellow kinky comedy fans.

Welcome To Hell, Boys!

Drop everything. Watch this right now. Watch it again. Send it to your boyfriend. Send it to your girlfriend. Send it to your mom and be like ‘lol thanks for enduring open sexism so I would only have to deal with the covert shit’. Then watch it again.

This candy-colored music video from SNL has us absolutely screaming.

Ctrl Alt Delete That Pregnancy

Knocked up? No worries! Luckily we still live in a country where you can end that pregnancy safely and legally. And without safe and legal abortions, we wouldn’t have this hilarious and poignant web series from creators Roni Geva and Margaret Katch. Plus we’d all be pregnant as hell.

This is just the first episode, so make sure you follow them over on Facebook to see all the other shmashmortion stories as they come out.

A Hilarious Mini-Doc About Lady Freedom Fighters

Bet you never thought you’d see those words together! But this piece from Full Frontal with Samantha Bee combines kickass female Peshmerga members, fearless educators, funny asides, and some truly sick Trump burns, to create one of our favorite documentaries of all time.

TBT: Aidy Bryant Singing With Her Ex-Husbands

If this was a real band we would follow them on tour like Dead Heads. We would for sure sing along with that last song. This live sketch from way back in Second City history is so so so funny, and we wish that we could have a whole album of Baby Aidy singing country songs.

Every Stand-up Album From A Woman in 2016

Hooooleeee smokes y’all, this was an amazing year for comedy. There were more tv shows, more movies, more Youtube sketches than ever that were created by funny ladies. Three of the five Grammy nominees for Comedy Album of the Year are women. And so many truly rad broads put out stand-up specials in 2016, everyone from super famous ladies with their own tv shows to up-and-comers just trying to make a buck.

So we’re just thrilled that the incomparable Brandie Posey put all those albums in a list and shared that list with us. Look, there’s a few more weeks in 2016 so it’s possible we’ll be adding to this list. And if you know an awesome lady-identifying stand-up who put out an album this year that we missed, give us a holler on Facebook or Twitter! We want to hear about her.

Read on for all the comedy dopeness, and click the titles to get the albums and watch the specials. Seriously, go buy the albums.


Opinion Cave – Brandie Posey

Oh God Please Like Me – Laura Sanders

Stay Eating Cookies – Shalewa Sharpe

Butcher – Rhea Butcher

Only Whores Wear Purple – Rachel Feinstein

Tell It To My Balls – Deanne Smith

True Love – Giulia Rozzi

Please Don’t Leave Me – Jessica Michelle Singleton

20% – Maria Bamford

Hooker On Spenard – Kass Smiley

Feminazi C❤️nt – Bobbie Oliver

Marriage Material – Cameron Esposito

American Myth – Margaret Cho

Amy Schumer Live At The Apollo

Solid Gold – Amy Miller

Not Fancy – Anjelah Johnson

Uncomfortable At Best – Paige Weldon

By A Thread – Emily Maya Mills

I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) – Jen Kirkman

Boyish Girl Interrupted – Tig Notaro

Hard Feelings – Brooke Van Poppelen

Gothic American – Virginia Jones

Just Putting It Out There – Aparna Nancherla

No Child Left Behind – Jodi Miller

Who Is Jackie Fabulous?

The Pat Brown Sextape

Perfect – Nikki Glaser

AKA Randy – Amanda Brooke Perrin

Brain Bank – Lisa Best

Bearded Woman – Mary Jane French