Chelsea Peretti Is Back On TV, Praise Everything

Peretti is pretty much the best at everything she does. Her Twitter is fire, her standup is game changing, and she consistently makes us laugh so hard we pee on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Also her hair is always so shiny and looks so soft. Damn Gina, what can’t you do???

Rejoice in this compilation of some of our favorite Chelsea moments, from interviews to standup specials to weird videos she once posted to Instagram.

TBT: Little Baby 90’s Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes has been in comedy for almost 30 years. Which explains why she is SO FRIGGIN GOOD AT IT.

To celebrate this Throwback Thursday, we found this deep cut from 1997, when perms were big and jackets were satiny.  Even though this set is so from a different era (aka it was even tougher to be gay and out/jokes about being spanked were all the rage) her material on police and race is crazy relevant.

We miss Wanda’s talk show, but on the bright side it looks like she’s gonna be slaying for at least another 30. Praise!