Seriously, Go Vote

Folks, we are not kidding. Go vote. You have to. The world needs you to. We haven’t exactly been subtle about who we want you to vote for, but whatever bubbles you’re filling in in that ballot box, just friggin go do it already. Funny of Die agrees. Rachel Bloom needs you to. Mayim Bialik needs you to. Elizabeth Banks needs you to. IT’S REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT. K love you bye.

That Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Finale Changed Lives

Seriously WHAT just happened. No spoilers, but like DAMN REBECCA. This show packed an entire season worth of plot twists into the last two episodes, and we are def still reeling. But while we wait for this season to hit Netflix so we can binge it over and over until season 3 starts, let’s all watch the Rebecca reprise that made us laugh, cry, and feel ALL the feelings.

Brb, Obsessively Researching Our Girl Crushes

Waiting for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to come back is like a million knives in our hearts. K that’s maybe a little too dramatic, but it does bum us out that we have to wait a few weeks for more ridiculously catchy and super relatable song n dance numbers. Sigh see here now. So we’ll just have to watch this ode to girl crush stalking on repeat, and then go back to stalking our exes impossibly perfect exes.