For Whenever You Feel Like An Angry Sexy Lady

News got you fired up? Significant other acting like a fool? We’ve got just the thing for you. Whenever life gets you down and people get you pissed, just tap in to your inner sexy angry lady! This clip from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of our favorite from this season, and inspires us to do a sexy rage dance in our office chairs.

You Should Definitely Not Have Sex To This Song

The strongest aphrodisiac in the world is knowing you should for sure not be having sex with someone. Like, better than Sade songs even. And this sexy jam from the new season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is the perfect soundtrack to listen to when you’re having sex with someone you definitely should not be boinking but will definitely be boinking again.

The More Rachel Bloom The Better

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend comes back tomorrow. We’re basically dead from the anticipation. So to ease the pain of waiting for tv’s greatest rom-com to return, we put together a playlist of our favorite Rachel Bloom moments! Honestly there are too many for just one playlist, but we did our best to find her greatest interviews, Crazy Ex numbers, songs she wrote when she was like 22, and goofy bloopers. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Move Over Everyone – Paula Has Arrived On “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

It’s impossible to pick a favorite character in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but Paula is hands-down one of the best. We’re dying at her anthem of freedom – it’s musical television at its finest. Donna Lynne Champlin can sing, and we’re all turning into living praise-hands emojis.