Are You Watching Badass Bitches Of History??

If you’re not already watching Jenny Zigrino’s hit series for Comedy Central, you’re making a huge mistake. Each episode stars a different female comedian as a different bad bish from history, and frankly they’re extremely inspiring. This episode features Jenny Yang as pirate queen Ching Shih who just absolutely murdered the hell out of everyone with swords. Tiiiight.

Ilana Glazer’s Stoner Sci-Fi Mini Series Already Has Us Laugh-Crying

OH MY GOD. We didn’t think it was possible to be more obsessed with Ilana Glazer than we already are, but that was before the trailer for the 3-night mini series, Time Traveling Bong, came out. We know this is going to be amazing, since the minds behind it are also the minds behind Broad City (Ilana Glazer, Paul W. Downs, and Lucia Aniello)

We know how we’re going to be celebrating 4/20.

The Trailer For Idiotsitter Is Here And It Is Everything

Jillian Bell is a flawless, precious human and we cannot wait to see her play a grown ass woman who needs a babysitter. The trailer for her new Comedy Central show recently dropped, which also stars comedian Charlotte Newhouse as Bell’s babysitter. January 14th cannot come soon enough! Until then we’re just going to watch this video on loop.