No More 24 Hour Birthday Parties

You know what we’re very much over? This thing that’s happening lately where someone does 45 damn activities for their birthday. We can’t make it to brunch AND ice skating AND tapas AND drinks AND the drag show AND salsa dancing, ASHLEY. Luckily the writers of Tiny Fantasies – aka Sydney Nikols and Maggie Monahan – are here to set these birthday divas straight (in their minds).

That Horrifying Moment When You Forget YOUR OWN MOTHER’S BIRTHDAY

ALERT! ALERT! This video is just too damn real. We’ve all been there and we’re literally cringing as we think about it – forgetting your mom’s birthday. NOOOOO. Akilah Hughes takes us through that horrifying moment when you’re talking to your mom on the phone and realize YOU ARE AN IDIOT AND FORGOT HER BIRTHDAY.

Blame it on the mail, yeah?