‘Girl At A Bar’ Is The Feminist Sketch We All Deserve

Here’s a note for the fellas: you’re not entitled to pussy just because you wear a pussy hat. This SNL digital short is giving us SO MUCH LIFE by calling out that particular type of male feminist that thinks they can say the feminist rhetoric and then treat women like objects. Hey bros? NOT CHILL.

Neeti Palta Made Us Love Weddings Again

Have you heard about Neeti Palta? She’s a hilarious comic out of Delhi who’s been in the game for a long time, and she’s paving the way for female comedians in India. Plus, her impression of Booby Aunty will haunt us forever. Let the joy of a big fat wedding invade your heart!

When Even Your Boobs Are Pumpkin Spice

First, pumpkin spice was cool. Then it was basic. Then it was everywhere. But this year, pumpkin spice has become something more than just a flavor. It’s become a lifestyle. It’s become… titties.

From writer and weirdo Katie Molinaro, we present this ode to pumpkin boobs and the folks that love them. It’s catchy and silly as hell. Also, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, so go get your gourds checked!

If Your Boobs Were A Movie

Good ol Babs and Lefty (or whatever you call your boobs). They’re there for you when you need them, they let you strap them down when they’re in the way, they make a nice pocket for holding your keys in the club.

But boobs don’t get enough credit day-to-day. Which is why we asked the hilarious Anna Gillcrist to praise her tatas using a movie title. To no one’s surprised, she picked the perfect film.