Seriously, Go Vote

Folks, we are not kidding. Go vote. You have to. The world needs you to. We haven’t exactly been subtle about who we want you to vote for, but whatever bubbles you’re filling in in that ballot box, just friggin go do it already. Funny of Die agrees. Rachel Bloom needs you to. Mayim Bialik needs you to. Elizabeth Banks needs you to. IT’S REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT. K love you bye.

World’s Greatest Detergent Bloopers

Our girl Elizabeth Banks directed one of our favorite Super Bowl ads this year, and it warmed our cold little hearts that a woman was responsible one of the biggest ads of the year. And now there’s a blooper reel, featuring our favorite father figure Billy Nye goofing around the set and giggling like an adorable kid. It’s perfect. 15 seconds of detergent comedy, indeed.

Really Important Questions: Being Betty White

Would Elizabeth Banks want to be Betty White? Um excuse us, who wouldn’t want to be Betty White??? A fan asked Banks a very important question with a very obvious answer, and the response was just exactly right. Here’s to the goldenest girl in the world!