Madonnas vs Whores: TBH Both Teams Suck

Dudes may be able to play for the Warriors, Cavs, 49ers, Maple Leafs, and a zillion other teams. But as we all know women only get two – Madonnas and Whores. So are you a gross skanky thot, or a pure pristine prude? Don’t worry, you don’t actually get to choose, someone will do that for you.

The best buds behind Nanners are queens of satire, and this sketch hit us right in the funny bone and the rage-y bone. Fun!

“Ask A Badass” With Megan MacKay

In this episode of Ask a Badass, Elizabeth sits down with comedian/political satire goddess Megan MacKay and asks her a bunch of questions reserved for only the fiercest of humans. The ladies played a round of Fuck/Marry/Kill with strong, female politicians, discussed why tornadoes are absolutely horrifying, and gave some love to perhaps the most underrated emoji: the saxophone. Enjoy!