When You Get Stuck In A Conversation

There’s something on the horizon. Something terrifying is approaching. It’s… a boring conversation you can’t get out of! The feeling of being trapped in a conversation with a clueless doofus who can’t take a fucking hint is one every woman knows well, and it’s captured in all it’s horrifying intensity in this sketch from Rekha Shankar and College Humor.

When You’re An Introvert At A House Party

House parties test us all. It’s pretty exhausting to meet that many strangers and do that many keg stands. But when you’re an introvert?? Fuhgetaboutit. Richelle Meiss’ catchy music video understands the struggle of being an introverted person at a loud ass party.

Awww, Baby Aidy Bryant Was Funny As Hell

We’re putting our money on Aidy Bryant to be another huge breakout star from SNL. She slays every scene she’s in, and she can make us snort-laugh with her physical comedy.

But way back in 2012 she was just a lil baby sketch performer, subtly stealing the show onstage at The Second City. This sketch is so cute and so so funny.


Aubrey Plaza Is A Magnificent Weirdo Because Of Irish Dance

Aubrey Plaza went on Conan last night, and gave us so much of everything we love about Aubrey in interviews. We’ve got heart eyes for her because she’s a chill lady who truly seems to not give a shit.

But in this clip, she takes us through her realization that her laid-back badass attitude might be all the fault of Riverdance. That’s right. Riverdance.