Apply Now For The MacMillan Genius/Idiot Grant!

Every year, millions of dollars in grant money are awarded to geniuses who are contributing to the sciences and arts. But what about the dummies? Where’s our grant?! Thankfully we have Alison Rich, the undeniable comedy genius who invented the MacMillan Genius Grant (For Idiots). Smash that watch button to see all the brilliant morons receiving grants this year. It’s our new favorite web series no question.

“Sadstagram” Is The App We Actually Need

You know that feeling when you read a friend’s Facebook status update or look at their Instagram post and think, “There’s no way someone can be that happy?” It’s probably because they aren’t!

In a recent sketch from Party Over Here, Jessica and Nicole start to have some serious worries about Alison’s overly happy updates…which is why they need “Sadstagram.” It’s the app that alerts you to what your friends really mean when they post things like, “Greg sent me flowers at work! LOVE HIM!!” Which translates to, “I sent myself flowers at work because Greg broke up with me.”

It’s the app we all need!