High Expectasians Looks Amazing

We are SO stoked for this new series from the writers/actors/hilarious women of Rock Paper Noodle. Monique and Emily cover the whole range of bs involved in being a wannabe Hollywood bigshot, plus the struggle of being a good daughter, best friend, and pilates teacher.  And that’s just in the trailer! It looks like it’s gonna be hilar and we can’t wait to see the first episode. Slayyyyyyy ladies slay.

We Got a Good Feeling About This Season of SNL

The only way to accurately describe last night’s season premiere of SNL is, frankly, with emojis. These emojis: ????????. The cold open was pure perfection, Weekend Update made us drop our dang jaws, and The Weeknd gave us some full body feelings.

But our fave sketch of the night had to be Actress Round Table. Kate McKinnon’s Hollywood golden age era actress was so funny, the writing was so tight/insane, and it was feminist af. Basically, it was everything we need on tv right now.

We can NOT wait to watch the woman-dominated cast slay all year.