Voting With Your Vagina? Better Warm Up First!

From the headlines, you’d think that men vote with their brains and women vote with their labes. So the hilarious comedian Megan Sass imagined what might happen if we literally voted with our vaginas. And since choosing the leader of the free world is heavy lifting, she created this workout routine to ensure that your vagina is up to the task. Thanks Megan!

Joan Cusack Is A Gift To The World

Here’s the thing about Joan Cusack. She could honestly do nothing but stand in front of a camera straight faced, and we would crack up. There’s just something about her that’s so effortlessly funny, she does comedy like a butterfly flies. But a chill butterfly, a butterfly that picks really cool projects to work on and also advocates for pediatric cancer patients. This metaphor isn’t going well, but the point is that we really admire Joan and wish she was in every tv show. So in honor of cutie Cusack, here is a playlist of our favorite moments featuring her! What a star.

Don’t Miss This Sensual Ode To Pop-Tarts

Somebody give Karla Solarte a Nobel Prize because she is a certifiable genius. She’s the brilliant loon behind Rosa G, and now she’s created a dance-pop ode to everybody’s favorite breakfast candy, Pop-Tarts. Our favorite songwriter and our favorite source of diabetes, together at last. Praise!