Powered by WhoHaha Creators Podcast Edition! December 2020!

Are you looking for podcasts made by hysterical creators? Then we have got some great recommendations for you! Check out these hilarious podcast episodes from our WhoHaha Community members featuring even more WhoHaha Community members. You will fall in love with these podcast episodes, we know we did!

Sarah Rachel LazarusWish You Were Weird 

Sarah Rachel Lazarus and her co-host, Vinny, run a hilarious podcast, Wish You Were Weird. Each week Sarah and Vinny discuss all things random from dating, drag, all the way to was E.T. a bottom, and much more. In this episode, Sarah and Vinny chat with fellow WhoHaha Community member, Crystal Powell, about the significance of working with like-minded people, her urge to talk about important things like the BLM movement while making people laugh, and a very special phone call from Simon Cowell after her America’s Got Talent appearance. This is a rocking episode so please tune in here!





Anna Campion – Oh No! 

Anna Campion hosts a hysterical podcast called Oh No! Every week Anna sits down with a guest to discuss hilariously embarrassing stories. In this episode, Anna virtually sits down with fellow WhoHaha Community member, Ngozi Kim! Ngozi shares an embarrassing story of a fellow churchgoer and a potential love interest discovering her OnlyFans page and having a holier than thou reaction. If you have ever had a guy try to mansplain your dreams to you, then you should definitely tune into this episode! You can listen here





Betsy Stover – Why Mommy Drinks 

Betsy Stover, and her co-host Amanda Allan, have a great podcast called, Why Mommy Drinks. Every week Betsy and Amanda invite a guest on to discuss a time when parenthood broke them and drove them to drink. In this episode, fellow WhoHaha Community member, Carole Montgomery, talks about being a mom while being a road comic, allowing kids to curse in the house ONLY if it’s funny,  and making her own way in the comedy industry with her Showtime special, Women of a Certain Age. Tune into this hilarious episode here.





Shannon Brown – This Will Scare You

Shannon Brown has a fun podcast called This Will Scare You that talks about all things supernatural, spooky, and unexplained. In this episode fellow WhoHaha Community member, Angelina Ramirez, learns about the strange history of skeletons used as mannequins in movie sets & theme parks and shares an amazing series of stories about ghosts that wanted her to break up with her boyfriend! You can check out this exciting and eerie episode here





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