Kristen Stewart’s 7 Funniest Interview Moments

Elizabeth Banks Whohaha-Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has a diverse resume. She’s played everything from a vampire to a Disney princess, but she’s perhaps the funniest when she’s just being herself in interviews. Here are her 7 funniest interview moments. It’s official: we want to be best friends with K. Stew.

1. When She Talked About Edward & Bella Getting It On Constantly 

“This feels so good, I’m so sparkly!”

In Bella’s defense, she was married to Edward Cullen so….we get it.

2. When She Tried To Speak Spanish

She’s riding that struggle bus hard, but we’ve got to give her props for trying.

3. When K. Stew Talked About Hiding Her Thumbs From The World & The Rumor That She Doesn’t Smile

Smiling or not, Kristen is still a badass.

4. When She Did The Whisper Challenge With Jimmy Fallon

This might be the best game to ever be played on late night television, and Kristen is hilarious. We’re cry-laughing as she says, “Take my bathroom to my friend.”

5. When Kristen Talked About Her Dad Name-Dropping Her In The Supermarket

Even celebs have to deal with parents embarrassing them, woof. 

6. When She Talked About How Much She Hates Filming Twilight Sex Scenes

Kristen saying the word “shmexy” is amazing.

7. When She Played “Never Have I Ever” With Jesse Eisenberg

Hey, if actors aren’t using their skill to cry on demand and get out of a ticket, WHAT’S THE POINT OF ANYTHING?

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