I’ve Boinked Before!

Have you ever seen The 40-Year-Old Virgin and thought, oh my God, that could easily be me? Have you ever seen any male-dominated movie where the male character is having a human experience and you’re like, ‘I’m a human like that male character, I’d like to see more women+ in those roles’! Well, luckily for us all, Gender Bent the series is here to fulfill that need to see women+ in fun character roles. This series takes scenes from male-dominated movies and re-creates them with queer women+. Check out this hilarious scene parody from The 40-Year-Old Virgin directed by Leslie Diana, assistant directed by Ciara Ingram, general crew by Allana de Guzman, sound by Mandy Weiss, edited by Mandy Weiss & Leslie Diana, and featuring Amanda Breen, Cynia Barnwell, Talia Heller, & Jess Kazamel.

WhoHaha is a place for women+ to come together and create hilarious works! Our community allows for filmmakers to source women+ crew and talent through our Collabs. In honor of the community coming together and making great work, this video is part of our Powered by WhoHaha Creators: a special feature celebrating work created from community collaborations.  The 40-Year-Old Virgin parody was put together by Jess Kazamel and filmed by fellow WhoHaha Community member Jillian Weimer.

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