I ONLY Hear My Roommate When She’s Having Sex!

One of the true terrors of being a young adult is having roommates. Are they dirty? Did they do the dishes? Did they leave their stuff everywhere? Did they get a cat that makes the whole apartment smell like pee?

Honestly, it’s like you live with an active ghost you never hear from… until one night around midnight all you hear is what you think is a high strung animal dying. Then you realize your roommate is getting it in. But why in the world does she have to be so loud about it? I didn’t even know you can make those sounds during sex? And why is it taking so long- those are climax noises only! It’s like you’re stuck in a dark tunnel where you can literally hear everyone having fun without you. Get your friend Alexa ready and tune into this all too relatable short by Monica Zinn!